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Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Full mouth rehabilitation is more than just reconstruction of your existing teeth.  It can be through crowns, or removable, such as a denture. The media has done a wonderful job of showing what a difference full mouth reconstruction can do for a person.

This office does not do the one or two day turn around that is often presented. The investment into your mouth should not be taken lightly.

Advancement in technology is used to take the guesswork out of where to rebuild your mouth to. Teeth are not just teeth. They are an intricate part of our posture and balance, and that relationship is addressed in your reconstruction plan. Radiographs are used to evaluate the relationship of the jawbone to the base of the skull. Electrodiagnostics are used to evaluate your muscles, joint and jaw movement with the Biopak.

This technology is used to see where you are, and to verify your improvement with the end result. The finishing process involves the T-Scan to verify the timing and forces applied when your new restorations come together, information that traditional articulating paper alone can not give. Information on this equipment can be viewed in our Technology page.