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JVA - Joint Vibration Analysis
EMG - Electromylogram
JT-3D - Jaw Tracker
T-Scan III Occlusal Evaluation System
Pharyngometer and Rhinometer
Remmer's Ambulatory Sleep Recorder
CMT Radiography

JT-3D - Jaw Tracker

"Eye-balling" jaw movement is no longer the standard of care in diagnosis and treatment monitoring of TMJ disorders. 

The JT-3D records incisor-point movements in three dimensions. A small magnet, attached to the front surfaces of the bottom front teeth, is tracked by an array of sensors to produce vertical, antero-posterior and lateral components of movement. It mounts simply, yet securely on your head, and provides an incredibly stable base for the sensors. This provides spectacular resolution even on the smallest of mandibular movements.

The way the jaw moves aids in the diagnosis  of TMJ disorders and verification of maximum medical improvement during the treatment process.