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We are welcoming new patients who are interested in oral health maintenance as well as emergency dental care.  Marquette Michigan is God's country.  It is a wonderful place to live and raise a family  Sometimes finding the right Dentist in the Marquette area can be overwhelming.  If you are looking for an office that believes that the health of your body is reflected in your mouth, you've found the right place!! 

The Alpha Omega Dental Center is Marquette county's state of the art dental office  - committed to your overall quality of life. Dr. Cynthia Wiggins and her staff promise to take the time required to provide you with the best possible comprehensive care. We'll pay attention to the details that help fix lives, not just teeth. 

Invisalign, Homeoblock Appliances, DNA-Appliances, Bioresearch, Inc., Acculiner, NTI-tss, Somnomed, Silencer, TAP, Sleep Silent, and Lumineers are all treatment options that help us to achieve our goals!!

Each patient is provided with a Comprehensive Examination - excluding emergencies - for emergencies we will take care of the problem and do the comprehensive exam at a later date.  Dr. Wiggins will review your medical history, as well as closely evaluate the condition of your teeth and the soft tissue of your head and neck.  The mouth can tell you more than just words, it is a window to your whole body's health

This information is then used to formulate a treatment plan that enables you to achieve your optimum state of health, not just working through a sick maintenance process.  Yes, a Dentist can help more than just your teeth and you can find it right here in Marquette!!

This recommendation may include structural assistance, such as with a chiropractor, physical therapist or massage therapist, or nutritional support, utilizing Standard Process whole food supplements (not lab created vitamins) and MediHerbs.

Join us in our goal of comprehensive healthcare by starting with exceptional dental care!